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[at-l] hike plans

Ah, the ever mutating hiking plans...

It looks like I am going to start southward a little later than I had thought I would. As things now
stand it looks like I will get to Medway or Millinocket either on 6/30 or 31. I need to see about a
reservation for the night still. Still have to call Cyr bus lines and get their schedule from Bangor
(Trailways buses seem to start arriving from Boston at 2:15pm).

Is anyone else is going to start at that time and wants to share a ride or soemthing like that I can
state that I am good company and a nice passenger (though not driver; don't drive) and no one has
yet complained about sharing a hotel room with me for a night.

I've got a little more than 2 weeks to get all my food squared away and other home-base issues
settled. All of a sudden it isn't enough time. I just know I'll be short of stuff. Yep. I haven't
even fully settled on mail drop locations yet. 

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