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[at-l] Re: Mean-spirited Diatribe, WF and at-l

"One more point to consider – I’ve run into WF devotees in several other
incarnations – on other trails - on other forums.  I know who they are and 
where they came from cause they carry the same aggressive “tension” that 
atml carries.  They carry an “attitude” and they don’t want to be confused 
by facts because their minds are already made up.  They “know” about things 
with which they have neither experience nor knowledge.  They invariably want 
to “take the discussion off-line” so they can “educate” me.  And they 
invariably end the conversation by asking me not to call back – that either 
they have nothing to learn from me or that I’m “unteachable”.  They rarely 
have the intestinal fortitude to face rality - or the intellectual curiosity 
or honesty to investigate anything that doesn't agree with  their own 
peculiar world-view.  That attitude, my friend, is one part of WF’s 
“contribution to the Trail community”.  We can maybe discuss the other 
“parts” another day."

I don't want to discuss all of this diatribe, but I've never proposed to any one, any time, on this
list or ATML, to take a discussion off line. I've devoted my life to trying to avoid being "confused
by the facts." I know Wingfoot has done some very valuable things for
the trail. I know he could do more, had he had fewer private demons. I know he's his own
worst enemy.  But I've tried to never let eccentricity or
obnoxiousness get in the way of the truth, if I could help it. I spent 40 years dealing with
environmental issues. The environment, like the trail, is a minority interest. I sensed I couldn't
afford to have enemies. There's 40,000 publicly-owned acres in and around Bigelow because I didn't let the fact
that two "nuts," were leading the fight
interfere with the essential truth of what they were saying. There's 40,000 acres of of public land
in the Mahoosuc because I recognized the "truth" in the mutterings of a guy who lived in a tarpaper
shack, that most thought a nut.

Somehow, folks in this forum, and on Trailplace, need to figure out how not to let the messenger
interfere with the message.