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[at-l] Photos

First, a big thanks to Ryan for the new gallery site at backcountry.net.
It is really great to have a place to put my photos that doesn't require
a Yahoo ID to view them. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have
uploaded all my photos from my 99 "almost" thru-hike. If you are
interested at all, they are here:


I should have some more photos to add in a new album shortly. I just got
back from a 270 mile hike in Central Virginia from Route 42 near
Chestnut Knob to the Tye River. I have some pics of this year's
thru-hiking class as well. If you just can't want for the photos, you
can read about it at:


Next year its back to the AT to hike the Shennedoahs and finally finish
the trail.