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[at-l] Warning! WF Post

> You have a very good point. That is the killer in this problem. Setting an
> edict against the subject or announcing what the AT-L line is to be on the
> subject dooms us toward becoming another ATML.

I think what you're referring to is my stated dislike of WF threads.   My
basic problem with these threads is a personal one that started the day the
ATML went on line.

    At the time, the AT-L had been already operating for a few years and my
concern was more of a net-etiquette one-  if there's an existing mailing
list, common sense says you don't start another one with the same subject
matter, duplicate efforts and split the community.  I spoke to Dan on the
phone about this, but he just said that he "had to do it".   I even offered
to split up the web aspects and the mailing list efforts so we could work in
our core competencies.

    He related  many stories of all the political wrangling that was
ingrained in the AT community (which I have yet to see) as rationale for the
control he needed.   This didn't make much sense to me at the time, and even
now I don't see any important dividing lines in the AT community.  e.g. Did
anyone not want to save Saddleback?

    Lately, things have gotten worse.  Dan has said on his list that the
only reason the AT-L still exists is for the ATML rejects.    This offends
me.   I've never said anything like that and I've even made an effort to
keep WF-negative posts off of the list.

    So you can see why everytime I see a WF post, it bugs me that my $7,000
and 127 hours :-) (I wish) of time are being used not for their intended
purpose, but rather to fix a problem that someone else created

    However, with all this in mind, and the fact that trailplace is going to
a model of total censorship, I would say it's probably more important than
ever that I stay out of  even a taking corrective action with subject matter
on the AT-L.   As a result, I'll swallow this personal issue and return this
discussion to the list membership,  removing my prior "blockade" of  WF
subject matter.


A parting thought.  I really wish all this energy was used for something
more positive;   I was reminded what all this was about when I was fortunate
enough to be on the Trail for even just a day on Wednesday (which is rare
for me, living in Wisconsin)   and I just wish that more people could be
exposed to the wonderful group of folks on the AT-L.    Warts and all,
anyone can walk the Trail and anyone can be a part of the AT-L.