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WF [at-l] Mean-spirited Diatribe

At 07:40 AM 6/8/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Wingfoot has the annoying habit of kicking people off his list -- at least 
>some of whom don't
>deserve to be kicked off. But I don't recall that he publicly makes 
>anything like the mean-spirited
>diatribe i read on this list in reference to Wingfoot

Weary, he once very publicly called me an e-list queen, suggested that my 
life was very
void since i required validation from strangers and told me to get of my 
fat butt and do a thru.
And more which has been erased from memory by time.
That went out publicly and I accepted it cause ATML was his house and i was 
a guest.
He did this cause I disagreed with him...a hanging offense.

May I add that if you think he was right, it's your choice but I assure 
you, I hang with and
participate on AT-L cause it's fun, not because I seek validation or 
fame.  Ask anyone
who knows me, how much I seek fame or recognition..LOL!!!!!!  NOT!!!!!!
  But my butt is fat.
Of course I can't prove it (his statement I mean).....just in case Balt 
Jack reads this <VVVBG>,
cause his achieves are his own, but I promise you he said it or rather 
posted it to ATML.
Would you label that a mean spirited diatribe?  And if you want to label my 
opinions re dan as vengeful, please first review the AT-L achieves (which 
do exist..intact) ,
and see that I was a dan defender both before and after that incident.  I 
took it that he just
lost it for a moment in the heat of the argument and while he never 
apologized publicly
  for the remarks, our relations continued to be cordial for some time.  I 
can easily forgive
his trespass against me but gradually revolted when he stated screwing the 
"community" at large.

And if you could, I'd suggest a review of dan's diatribes against 
Bryson.  The boy can
kick some mean spirited ass when he's of a mind to!!!!  Of course, Bryson 
is considered
fair game while for some reason, dan isn't.  Curious....

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