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[at-l] Warning! WF Post

At 04:40 AM 6/8/01 -0700, Orange Bug wrote:
>I know what you mean and know that there is a bit of a contradiction
>involved because we aren't static. I wonder if some sort of WF FAQ
>would be a reasonable option, or maybe stock numbered comments would
>save bandwidth and breath. (#359 He thinks a 35 pound pack is

You could make the same argument about almost anything actually
trail related we talk about.
Filtering..see the faq
Syn vs down....see the faq
I've seen that happen on other lists and it's always a sign of decay.  Why
can't dan be relegated to the same status as any other trail related issue?
Fair game for discussion by those who want to and clearly labeled as WF
so's to be easily deletable by those not interested.  I find the insistence
that we not discuss him, a tyranny in itself.  It's just like the issue of
trail feeds, (note that I did not label it trail magic cause preplanned 
is cool but it ain't the traditional "trail magic" of old).

Some say...don't do it cause i don't want to be tempted to stop and eat.
I can't trust my own self discipline to keep on walking and pass it by.
That attitude forgoes the experience for the folks that want to partake.
IMHO, that's a tyranny cause the folks who don't want to be tempted...
can't rely on their own discipline to not participate, want to eliminate
the temptation.  I see it as a more fair deal to let it happen for those
that want it and the rest can just pass on it.

Same deal with posts re: dan.  If they happen, it's easy enough for
people to delete them.  Instead there is always someone who says
stop talking about this!!!

Why don't they just stop_reading_about it instead? I'll never understand
that thinking.  It's like they are saying don't tempt me to read this....
I don't want to read about dan but I can't trust myself to not click on
the post...... so nobody can ever talk about him.

When I am broke, I don't read new gear type posts cause I don't want
to be tempted to spend money.  But I would never demand that others
not talk about gear just because I don't want to hear it....