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Re[2]: WF [at-l] Mean-spirited Diatribe

Because I'm interested in the trail and trail matters, having worked on it for several decades,
overseen 60 miles of it for five years, having walked most of it in '93, and because I continue to toy
with writing, I tend to save those postings that strike me as especially insightful. I rarely save
anything that Wingfoot posts. I rarely find much on this site that strikes me as warranting hard
disk space, but I find quite a few things on Trailplace site worthy of more than momentary reading.
 That it seems to me is Wingfoot's true
value to the Appalachian Trail community, whereever and whoever it might be.

This is not meant as criticism of the AT-List. People obviously enjoy the give and take and chit
chat, as I do. It just isn't stuff that one tends to keep around, longer than it takes to read.
There is an annoying tension on Trailplace that strikes me as unfortunate, but it also has some
quite valuable discussions from time to time, which is why I continue to contribute. I learn from
them, and I hope others get something useful from my contributions