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[at-l] Felix's Entanglement

The Wizard wrote:

> At 08:38 PM 6/7/01 -0500, Felix wrote:
> >So, anyway, I'm feeling odd this evening. Do you have any idea what it's
> >like when
> >I feel odd?
> This is understandable.  It's a male hormone thing.  Happens from getting
> romantically infatuated and then having too much tequila.  Or
> sangria.  Anything of that sort.  Memories of previous involvements of a
> similar sort come flooding back.  Significant questions of reality, of
> independence, of financial solvency!  What drives us creatures into such
> harnesses of the legal system?  Can the truth be discerned?  I'm not sure,
> truthfully, not sure...

Naaaah!!! That ain't it. I don't drink. And, most of my previous
'involvements' had frases like "I plead the fifth, your honor" and "I didn't
know the car was blue". And, as far as reality goes, there is no such thing,
really. The more I think about it, when I feel odd, The Wizard is odder. But,
then, that's why we named a movie after him.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"