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WF [at-l] Mean-spirited Diatribe

At 12:01 PM 6/7/01 -0400, W F Thorneloe wrote:
>And we ought to leave it that way. SLIM's point is well taken.

I just wish she'd say the same thing to him.....he gets to call
us jackasses and we are suppose to take the high road.  OK...
but this taking the high road gets old after awhile and I will
not shade or hide the truth of what he is and what he isn't
ever again.

If Slim is so offended, she can always delete anything
properly labeled WF.  But this 'if you can't say anything nice,
don't say anything ' doesn't wash with me anymore.
I keep my mouth shut and didn't tell the truth about the
handbook (a lie by omission) and I will never lie for him again.

So someone called WF out, big whoop.....like he's never been cruel
or attacked anyone.HA!!  Good for the goose/gander...what goes around
comes around....kitchen/heat...glass houses and stones...yada yada

I do have one question..why is it that whenever Kinnicinic rejoins us,
WF hits the fan?  just kidding kiddo.......<VVVBG>
>>Well since I've been around this list, Wingfoot has been refered to with 
>>greater kindness and courtesy then he has delt out.
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