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[at-l] How long from Damascus to Waynesboro?

--- DaRedhead@aol.com wrote:
> Anyone know how long, on average, it would take a thru hiker to get to
> Waynesboro from Damascus?

### When? You mean back in the old days? With dinosaurs chasing you? 3
weeks. Or you talking nowadays, with cd/fm headphones, octopus filters,
and 58 ways to slackpack that ugly uphill ahead? 4-5 weeks on trail, not
counting the side trip to DC. Orrrrr we talkin' the Andy&Mike show?
(figure about 96 hours there...)

Yours in multiple estimations and assessments, I am your
(rapidly approaching the end)

Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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