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[at-l] Photon stove

I used the PHoton stove on a recent 120 mile hike in South Dakota (called the 
Centennial Trail, highly recommended, little used trail)  I used exactly 1 oz 
for 1pint of water and found I needed less than 2 oz for a quart.  Was using 
denatured alcohal.  I was extremely impressed by the performance, would 
definately use it on my thru hike.  I was surprized at the ease in which it 
lit and how fast it came to a boil.  One way I would check to see if it was 
lit since it is so hard to see is to put my hands on around the outside of 
the windscreen.  It was easy to feel the heat.  When I was priming it, I also 
put a little more on the dish, and could hear the "whoosh" when it was 
working.  After reading the "burn" post, think I'll be more careful about 
relighting, but sure loved the way it worked.  And this is from a person who 
loves her lightweight stove that uses a propane/butane canister.  I am not 
sure I could ever figure out how to get a simmer out of the Photon, but as 
long as I get my tea and oatmeal first thing in the morning, the rest of the 
day is good! :)


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