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[at-l] Re: Burns hurt Pepsi Can stove follies

Well, that was basically my point. Toward the end of the day and end of 
daylight, you might not feel tired - at least not exhausted. Our vision is 
not so good in twilight. Our cognition begins to take a dive. If we were 
over 70, we would find our families calling it "sundowning." The grim thing 
is that we usually don't notice it until well into it (if then). Plus, us 
men tend to deny such a possibility.

Of course you may be different, and we know some who exclaim that they are. 
I know my limits are showing.

There is an old saying: Fools learn from their own mistakes. Wise men learn 
from the mistakes of fools.


At 01:45 AM 6/7/2001 -0400, Kenneth Knight wrote:
>I don't think we were tired. ... Just stupidity and maybe a nod towards 
>low vision.