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[at-l] Re: Burns hurt Pepsi Can stove follies

--- kahley <kahley7@ptd.net> wrote:
> At 05:36 PM 6/6/01 -0400, W F Thorneloe wrote:
> earlier about debridment (sp?)and I'd like to add....
> I have a couple nasty gashes related to woods work
> which are healing nicely with the aid of minnows who
> take great joy in nibbling at the dead stuff on the edges.
> It's an odd feeling ..being eaten whilst still breathin <g>.
> I think, God forbid the need arise, I could tolerate maggots.
> Do they still use maggots?

### I've done that! Poison Ivy peelings for me, though. And POG'll tell
you I *don't* like it when they hit the live stuff. You remember that'un, Missy?

Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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