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[at-l] Re: G4 info

Glen Van Peski. He's got a website at <http://www.gvpgear.com>. I have two packs. My original, based
on the initial G4 design, has held up for something like 700 miles and is in pretty good shape
still. The new models are made of stronger fabrics than the originals were at only a slight weight

The pack can comfortably carry up to 30 pounds though if you can go with less that is certainly
better. Much more and it starts getting iffy quickly. I've carried 7 days of food with a couple
liters of water.

I like the pack a lot. If the standard model can fit you (your torso is around 18-20 inches) you can
get the pack for less than if you have a longer or shorter torso. Or you can let it hang down and
bounce your butt a bit. My first one does that and it isn't too bad.

Glen is easy to talk too.

  ** Ken **
On 6/6/01 at 9:19 PM, Felix <AThiker@smithville.net> wrote:

> Hey, who makes the G4 pack? Thanx

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