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[at-l] congrats...

Mark Hudson wrote:

> So Felix, who gets to wear the dress at the wedding???

Actually, I'm going to try to get the wedding party (Stoat, Ke kahaawe and my
brother) to wear hiking gear with gaiters (or, is it garters?)

> And for a REALLY painful thought, maybe you can get the dress made from the
> same material as your Trail Days shirt....

That shirt isn't made from a material. It is its own element...and then some.
(I wonder if my ex-mother-in-law knew what would happen with that shirt when
she bought it for me.) (See what you gotta beat O'Henry?)

> (Cain't stand the thought of Ol' Felix in white <lol>)

Let yer ol' buddy Felix tell ya a little story. I can do that, ya know. I got a
few of 'em...and might be makin' up a few more of 'em.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"