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Maintenance packs... was Re: [at-l] Nat'l Trail Days - Oswald Dome

> The great thing is that I can walk along and access the swing blade 
> or
> loppers without losing a step, just by reaching overhead. 
Interesting. Do you carry the swingblade with the handle in the rucksack
and the blade out? Do you have a blade guard for it? I have been
wondering if a blade guard could be fashioned from an old garden hose I
have, maybe an old inner tube. I guess I'll have to visit a bicycle shop
for an inner tube.

> The annoying thing is that to do garbage work, I have to stop and 
> take the
> pack off to put garbage in with the chain saw in the main bag.

I have a light duty carabineer that started life as a key chain. I clip a
plastic grocery bag to my belt for fairly easy access. The problem with
this system is the bag gets in the way sometimes. Hopeful

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