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[at-l] (Guest Post) Water on the Ga AT

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* by our guest Coosa <coosa@fox21.net>.
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I've heard from a few hikers that even with all the rain lately, water is still scarce around the Southern Appalachians.  I was just at Hog Pen Gap and the upper spring is nearly dry.  However, the lower spring is running.  And it's just June.

If anyone plans to hike that area this summer, email me at coosa@fox21.net and I'll cache water for you in a location to be determined (so that other hikers don't get to it first)>

I do not plan to set out water this summer unless specifically asked.  I am willing to cache water at Hog Pen Gap or Unicoi Gap (just give me a week's notice). 

Hope everyone is doing well and that no one on the list is near any bad weather (hurricanes or tornados, etc).
Auntie Coosa
and Hiking&Kayaking Dog Casey