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[at-l] Flaming Sil-Nylon Safer Than Doctors?

FSN has never admitted to making mistakes. This doctor has. 

I am glad that you have made no errors and have absolute confidence in
your abilities. I'll be glad to describe my burn wounds and continuing
discomfort off list(s) if it will help you feel even more confident.

Good Luck!

<trusting that you are not accusing me of crimes and abuse of humanity
in your posting, but were having an interesting sense of humor>

--- David Mauldin <rainmaker@rabun.net> wrote:
> Several months ago, my partner Brawny mentioned that we had once used
> our Esbit stoves under our thoroughly water soaked sil-nylon
> vestibule in a driving rainstorm. More flames were generated by this
> admission than came from our little hexamine tablets....

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