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[at-l] Flaming Sil-Nylon Safer Than Doctors?

Lee I Joe says (coming late to the conversation:
> ### Dave: not to take anything away from your
> pissedoffedness, but I read
> Herr Bug's comments to be in complete keeping with the
> tremendous font of
> dry humor (and a goodly bit of it being self-effacing) that he's been
> throwing out onto the list since Trail Days. Those of us
> lucky enough to
> enjoy his company there -- and especially the Sunday Morning Reconing
> breakfast in "the swamp" -- have been held in gut-busting
> hysterics (no
> lie) with the droll little comments and quips with which he's
> been lacing
> his emails. I take "...guess I'll just go cook under my
> sil-nylon" as akin
> to him looking at his over-heated forearm and saying "Well!
> So much for
> *my* safety speech! *Dang*, but that hurts!"

Bill, did you try to make your famous pancakes IN the tent? Dang! And I
missed the pancakes! I missed them at the Ruck too...