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[at-l] stuffing bivies......

--- Dan Myers <dmyers@zcs.k12.in.us> wrote:> One a different note, I'm
storing my sleeping back inside my bivy now, what size stuff sack and/or
compressor bag do ya'll think will fit that?

### Mr. Toad:

Big problem: One the morning that you wake and find your bivy soaked from
the night's rain, you will be packing your bivy and bag in a glorious wet
sandwich WITHOUT a heatsource INSIDE the bivy to raise vaopor pressure and
(thusly) keep the water away from your bag. Bad day coming.

Pack 'em separate to prevent your wet bivy from slowly soaking your bag
through the day......

Mr. Toe'd
(Ever think about two sil-nylon stuff sacks???)

Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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