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[at-l] Flaming Sil-Nylon Safer Than Doctors?

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######On January 5, 1997 I had all ten reasons you gave answered.  The next 
time you get sick go talk to your FSN.  I don't think the Dr. you refer to 
needs someone like me to defend him, but it is because of people like him 
that I am here.  So here is my answer to your complaints

Top Ten Reasons Why Flaming Sil-Nylon May Be Safer Than Doctors: 

10 - FSN has never taken out the wrong kidney, or cut off the wrong leg.
#### While these things may happen I don't know anyone that it happened to do 
you?  How many people do you know that went to a Dr. with a potentially life 
ending problem and were cured?

9 - How you are treated by FSN doesn't depend on how good your insurance is.
### When I went to the hospital I could hardly speak.  I told them my problem 
and my daughter done the paperwork 7 hrs later.  They had no way to know if I 
even had insurance.

8 - FSN doesn't sit around with other FSN's devising ways to get massive 
government grants for questionable research projects at taxpayer expense.
### A lot of discoveries have been made from questionable research projects.  
I would question a researcher checking out mold but I sure am glad he did. 
Aren't you?

7 - FSN has never successfully been sued for malpractice.
But manufactures have successfully been sued for using it to cover babyseats.

6 - You know where you stand with FSN; it has never given anyone false hope 
while bilking its victim, their loved ones and their insurance company for 
every nickel it could squeeze out.
### Doc if my choice is spend all my money and all I can barrow and one of my 
kids may live? Run every test try every idea you have.  I can always make 
more money but I kinda like the kids I have.

5 - FSN has never used Medicare fraud to cheat taxpayers out of billions of 
####I have never had a Dr. cheat me.  I decided to keep from being mad about 
government waste I tell myself that all my tax dollar I pay in my lifetime 
will never pay for the 5 mile bridge I drive over every day to work.  I get 
to use it on the payment plan.  I send them 27% of my income each year and 
they build me bridges.

4 - When FSN can't make it on its own, it doesn't sign on with a low budget 
####Think maybe they might actually do it to help people?

3 - FSN has never taken a single kickback or free vacation from a 
pharmaceutical company.
#### Do you have any idea how many hours Dr.'s work.  If you can get a free 
vacation by prescribing a drug from a company that gives you a vacation.  
Have fun rejuvenate and be clear headed to fix me up when years of cigarettes 
and fat take their toll.  If I didn't believe in your integrity I am an idiot 
for going to you for help.
2 - According to the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, mistakes by 
doctors kill over 120,000 people per year. In all its flaming glory, and even 
in a good year, FSN can't begin to compete with a track record like that.

Statistics like this are incredulous to me. How many do they save?  Any 
decent sized city in the US will save more than that.  I like the odds.

And the Number One reason Flaming Sil-Nylon may be safer than doctors:

1 - FSN has never groped any patients while they were under anesthesia.
#### I seem to remember something written by Belcher about her tent that may 
call this in to question.  A Dr. has never taken a leak on me  that I know 
of.  I did have a tent once.....


To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom

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