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[at-l] Flaming Sil-Nylon Safer Than Doctors?

> ### Dave: not to take anything away from your pissedoffedness, but I read
> Herr Bug's comments to be in complete keeping with the tremendous font of
> dry humor (and a goodly bit of it being self-effacing) that he's been
> throwing out onto the list since Trail Days. Those of us lucky enough to
> enjoy his company there -- and especially the Sunday Morning Reconing
> breakfast in "the swamp" -- have been held in gut-busting hysterics (no
> lie) with the droll little comments and quips with which he's been lacing
> his emails. I take "...guess I'll just go cook under my sil-nylon" as akin
> to him looking at his over-heated forearm and saying "Well! So much for
> *my* safety speech! *Dang*, but that hurts!"
> To borrow from those only chronologically younger...
> "Dude! You need to *party* with this dude, dude! Sweet!"
> Or, to borrow from the Bugly profession...
> <nodding sagely, he offers...>
> "You have feelings about this."
> Best to all,
> Toedeo-do

Well toe

Most "shrinks" nod sagely and stroke their goatee or Vandyke or whatever..
Did it occur to you that perhaps David was doing the same thing with his
post to the group?  He may have been, although when this happens, folks
usually come out of the woodwork to cry "foul."  With the exception of
Jensine, of course....  She seemed quite pissedoff with the "Bugly"
observations concerning her 17-year-old business operations!    Semantics r
us, it seems...