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[at-l] Trailwork Freighter Frame

Already been down that road. I too would never personally fork over the $70 
they charge for the freighter. 

    What I originally did was take an old Sears 1970's pack and use the 
frame. My AT welder friend welded an aluminum rod wire basket on the base. It 
didn't work entirely right though. Be careful. You will find the cheap 
external is not adequately proportioned or balanced for trail construction 
tool carrying. The bought freighter frame pack is padded and balanced to 
carry over 100 pounds if needs be (and I have). I ended up chucking the jerry 
built one for being too painful to use.

    My freighter pack was donated by a major outfitter who chipped in on our 
Wildcat Shelter NY project. Suggest working one out somehow * you won't