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[at-l] Andrew Thompson & Mike Sandlin: Appl. Trail, the Fast Way

--- runhorton@juno.com wrote:
> Andrew  and Mike are both in VA. on their way to Mt. Katahdin.
> Andrew is trying to break Pete Palmer's speed record on the trail of
> just under 49 days.   Andrew has been averaging 43 miles per day. 
### Since May 5, I have run exactly three times. I think the TOTAL is 43
miles. Myyyyyyyy goodness.

> Mike is taking a more relaxed approach and is averaging 33 miles per day
> and hopes to finish in just over 65 days.
### I'm recalling Brandly[sp?] Owens, cousin of fellow '79er Gary Owens,
doing it in 66 days sans support. But then, he was no weenie, either.
(I don't believe I wrote that....)

Best to these two discoverers....
(green with jealousy)

Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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