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[at-l] Flaming Sil-Nylon Safer Than Doctors?

Several months ago, my partner Brawny mentioned that we had once used =
our Esbit stoves under our thoroughly water soaked sil-nylon vestibule =
in a driving rainstorm. More flames were generated by this admission =
than came from our little hexamine tablets. Even now, there is one among =
us (a member of the medical profession) who seemingly just can't let it =
go. Just when I thought he had gotten over it, I saw a recent post from =
him referencing a bad day he'd had, and it ended with "...guess I'll =
just go cook under my sil-nylon".

In a related matter, a bear thread has been in the works on one of the =
lists. It was pointed out that you are more likely to be killed by bees =
than by bears, and in traffic accidents, etc. Also, one person said that =
you are more likely to be killed by a mistake made by your doctor than =
by a bear, and he had the government statistics to back it up.=20

So, this raised a question in my mind. Is Flaming Sil-Nylon (henceforth =
referred to as "FSN") also safer than doctors? Before you answer, you =
may wish to consider the following:=20

Top Ten Reasons Why Flaming Sil-Nylon May Be Safer Than Doctors:=20

10 - FSN has never taken out the wrong kidney, or cut off the wrong leg.

9 - How you are treated by FSN doesn't depend on how good your insurance =

8 - FSN doesn't sit around with other FSN's devising ways to get massive =
government grants for questionable research projects at taxpayer =

7 - FSN has never successfully been sued for malpractice.

6 - You know where you stand with FSN; it has never given anyone false =
hope while bilking its victim, their loved ones and their insurance =
company for every nickel it could squeeze out.

5 - FSN has never used Medicare fraud to cheat taxpayers out of billions =
of dollars.

4 - When FSN can't make it on its own, it doesn't sign on with a low =
budget HMO.

3 - FSN has never taken a single kickback or free vacation from a =
pharmaceutical company.

2 - According to the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, mistakes by =
doctors kill over 120,000 people per year. In all its flaming glory, and =
even in a good year, FSN can't begin to compete with a track record like =

And the Number One reason Flaming Sil-Nylon may be safer than doctors:

1 - FSN has never groped any patients while they were under anesthesia.

David Mauldin

To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom

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