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[at-l] Folklore?

Ferget the eclipse.......
We've got meteors
and comets comin!!!!!!!!!

  Comet C/2000 A2 (LINEAR) is
heading for a 0.24 AU close encounter with Earth on June 30th
Northern hemisphere sky watchers can't see C/2000 A2 now -- it's
located in southern skies. But that will soon change as the comet
heads north again beginning June 11th. By the end of this month it
will lie 30 degrees above the horizon when the sun rises over
mid-Northern latitudes.

Not to mention a bright Venus and Mars!!!!!!!
WOOHHOOOOO for sky watching!!!!!!!!

At 09:07 AM 6/5/01 -0400, Arthur Gaudet wrote:
>Thanks for the corrections. Since Stonehenge was not used for solar 
>eclipse predictions I wasn't thinking about them as I wrote. Good catch, all!
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