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[at-l] Hello and goodbye

Hello from the *newly-named* "Mrs. Spur."  We had the most beautiful wedding, 
ever and an equally wonderful [short] "first installment" of our honeymoon! 
I LOVE being married!  ('Could have *something* to do with the terrific guy 
to whom I got married, of course.)  :-)  :-)  :-) 

We're heading out for the Trail tomorrow morning.  The place is littered with 
boxes and gear and we're sorting, sorting, sorting......  I think we'll be 
ready in time.  (*Hey, gotta live up to the new Trailname, afterall!)

I'm signing off the list and signing off aol, as well.  New account is being 
set up with Yahoo:  ReadyHiker@yahoo.com   

We'll each be carrying pocketmail devices, but I'm as yet without an account 
with them.  Should be arranged by tonight.  If not, it'll have to be done 
from the Trail.

Congrats to those with "news" of all kinds to share; Thanks to all of you on 
the list, too!  'See you along the Trail or back here in the fall!

(aka "Trailmixup@aol.com")