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[at-l] Help me plan my 4th

You may want to consider the 30 mile Art Loeb Trail in Pisgah National Forest 
and Shinning Rock Wilderness.  Designated as a national recreation trail, it 
shares it's path with an alternate of the Mountain to Sea Trail for 18 miles. 
 Cold Mouton (the real one, not to be confused with Cole Mountain in Va.) may 
be reached by a short connector towards the end of the trail (heading north). 
 There's several shelters, open balds and 6000 footers along it's route.  
You'll need a shuttle, but that can be arranged.

It's described in North Carolina Hiking Trails, third edition, by Allen 
DeHart, mapped on National Geographic/Trails Illustrated Pisgah Ranger 
District # 780 and uniquely profiled (along with a 90 mile section of the 
MST) by Walt Weber of the Carolina Mountain Club in separate publication.  
There's also several websites describing it.

Although I haven't set foot on this trail yet (slowly working my way west), 
it's by all accounts, considered fantastic (and strenuous).


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