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[at-l] Nat'l Trail Days - Silar Bald

Curious, did you take the storm bypass for Clingman's to the parking
lot or stay on the AT? That ridge walk in a bad wind (especially while
wearing a sail) would be pretty scary to me.


--- KarenS62@aol.com wrote:
> We stopped for lunch at Double Springs and noticed it was starting to
> get 
> overcast. That should have been the warning right there - we were in
> for a 
> wet, cold , windy hike out to Clingman's dome.  It started to pour
> shortly 
> after, then the fog moved in and wind picked up.  And it rained, and
> it blew, 
> and it rained, and it blew. At one point the winds were so strong we
> had to 
> lean into them to make headway. If they had suddenly stopped, we
> would have 
> fallen flat on our faces. (hint to fellow hikers, ponchos are maybe
> not the 
> best rain gear in weather like that, although it was great for
> laughs) . It 
> was fun to see all the new water bars working and shunting the rain
> as designed although some sections were still pretty muddy from the
> storms 
> earlier that weekend. It was a cold, wet, very muddy hike out, but
> the views 
> of the fog made me feel right at home. When we reached the parking
> lot, the 
> wiind was howling so much, you had to shout to be heard 5 feet away.
> We just 
> threw everything in the vehicle and headed down the mountain. At
> Newfound 
> Gap, the temperature had risen and the wind had fallen significantly.
> You could even see blue skies!  

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