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[at-l] Gore Tex Boots

I walked in 30 inch snow and never had cold feet with my Salomon mid
exit 2000. There is a secret. Vapor Barrier Socks. Mostly down south
VBS's are only for very tough times in camp. A combiniation of socks
and gaiters keeps frozen stuff away from your feet, with the VBS
holding in your sweat and preventing chilling. You can gerry-rig them
with bread bags, and wear a thin sock liner under the VBS, with your
regualar sock over it.


--- Nina Baxley <infpeace@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I didn't notice that they were any hotter than other
> boots I'd worn (I wore fabric/leather Gore-Tex boots
> on my thru-hike). I didn't notice the real benefit of
> the Gore Tex, actually, until I was walking a lot in
> the snow. My boots were soaked from the snow on the
> outside, but my cold feet at least stayed dry.

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