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[at-l] Gore Tex Boots

At 10:16 PM 6/2/01 -0400, Bob Cummings wrote:
>Goretex does nothing for a boot, other than increasing the price by $60 
>and providing an advertising gimmick that prompts those who don't know any 
>better to buy.
>Neither does goretex do any special harm, so many will praise their 
>goretex boots as working just fine. Sure. So would the identical boot 
>without goretex and the extra price tag.

My GoreTex mid-weight boots only cost $60.  Okay, so I got them half price 
on closeout.  I've had $60 non-GoreTex boots.  If the other $60 was just 
for the GoreTex these boots should be no better than the others.  They 
*are* a better boot.  Better materials, better made.  Do they keep my feet 
dry?  Yes.  But I hike where it cool far more often than hot.  Can I stomp 
through wet snow or a shallow stream and still have dry feet?  Again, yes.

I've had midweight cordura boots that were non-GoreTex and were nothing but 
glorified sneakers.  The only thing that made them better than sneakers 
(for hiking) was the lug sole.  I've had all leather boots.  I liked those 
boots but I have yet to find anything that you can treat them with to keep 
them dry for more than a day's outing and when leather gets wet, it stays 

It seems to me that the big problem on a long trail hike is that the 
requirements keep changing (seasons, terrain, etc.) and you don't have the 
opportunity to use the best boot for each circumstance.  So...  You pick 
something you like most of the time and live with it when it ain't the best 
option for the moment.  And we all seem to like different things.