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[at-l] Gore Tex Boots

tjfort@netdoor.com wrote:

>Last night was boot cleaning night.  saddle soap abound.   (water
>proofing is tonight) I have several leather shoes/boots.  Some leather
>only.  Some with Goretex.  My hiking boots have GT.  My work/hunting boots 
>don't.    Just what is the big deal with Goretex?  Is it really
>worth it?  or does it shorten the usable life of the boot?  With a
>leather only boot, if you keep it well cleaned and oiled, and,
>waterproofed, and take care of it  ...  Can you get just as much
>satisfaction out of it???
>what'cha think?

In '97 we were in an outdoor shop in Durango, Colorado and on the wall of 
the boot section was a notice that said "Goretex boots are a ripoff".  Which 
is what I'd already been telling people for 5 years.

I know - there are  people who love them.  God only knows why.  The Goretex 
makes them hotter - so in the desert (I know - there's no desert on the AT) 
or in NJ in July, they'll make your feet sweat more, so you'll have wet feet 
regardless of the Goretex.

But the bottom line is obvious if you really read the Goretex literature - 
Goretex only works as long as it's clean.  Tell me again - how do you keep 
the Goretex in your boots clean?  Sorry gang, but that's absolutely 

Buy your boots for fit and comfort - regardless of Goretex.

Walk softly,

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