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[Fwd: Re: [Fwd: [at-l] Help me plan my 4th]]

> ...And by the way, Gary and some of our other listers really suck with
> the
> way they can rip off 20 mile days, especially after driving 500 miles

FTR, I am currently in a World Of Hurt (although not to compare with 2nd
and 3rd degree burns). Not exactly "ripping".

> or recovering from a GI bug.

It was a URI. And on my previous hike I did a 3 mile day. Then had to quit

> The ones who really get my goat are the
> ones who can do Springer to Fontana in 10-12 days.

12 days sounds reasonable. 10 is pushing it, but them I'm afraid I'm past
my prime. HEY - Watch that goat!

> I think us Boomers
> need to start cultivating a culture of slacking and enjoying - not just
> slackpacking or seeking record time and miles.

No one here seeking any records...

> ;-)
> Bill...

- Gary from Fairfax

"Songs to aging children come,
Aging children, I am one..."