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[at-l] Rainbow Springs Campground

BlankI was very glad to see that Jensine is now posting to AT-L!
I have never had a bad experience at RSC.  I've NEVER found Jensine or =
Buddy to be rude.  Buddy does not seem to engage in much conversation, =
but Jensine has always been attentive to any and all questions that I =
have asked and has never been rude or "short" with me or my husband.  We =
don't think of RSC as just a place to rest our weary bones, but we do =
consider it to be one the nicest campgrounds that we have ever had the =
pleasure to "find".  What with the beautiful Nantahala running through =
the campground and the way that campsites and cabins are not right on =
top of each other, we've always had a sense that we  were the only =
people there.   I even envisioned a tribe of Indians (Cherokee, of =
course) having meetings around a campfire on the grassy area in front of =
the Nantahala.  It would have been a wonderful location for a tribe of =
Indians.  And, has anyone else noticed that there are several =
Indian-type trapping areas in the river for fishing?  I wonder how many =
nay-sayers (sp?) have taken ANY time to notice all of the beauty of =
Rainbow Springs?  Is everybody just spending time in the camp store =
arguing with Jensine?  If that's the case, you've missed the very best =
part of their campground.  My husband and I have camped there every year =
for at least five or six years, utilizing everything they have to offer, =
with the exception of the bunkhouse.  The campsites, of course, are =
wonderful as are the cabins.  The cabins are exactly the way they are =
advertised.....early 1900 fishing cabins.  They are not fancy, but do =
provide you with running water, shower and toilet, heat and a furnished =
kitchen.  They have a screened back porch, a picnic table outside and a =
rustic porch with a view of the river.  The campsites along the river =
are nice, but we prefer the three campsites around the bull frog ponds.  =
Although the frogs get pretty loud, it just adds to the appeal.  And, do =
any of you others that have stayed at RSC realize how many people have =
requested that their ashes be scattered at RSC or have you even noticed =
the markers honoring the people that have made such final requests?  =
Well, our last planned trip had to be cancelled due to my husband =
injuring his knee the day before we were to leave and Jensine, as usual, =
was very gracious at my last minute cancellation.  We hope to be able to =
stay at RSC sometime this month (June), depending on my husband's knee.  =
I continue to be RSC's "biggest fan" and can't wait to be there!

Janie (the hiker)

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