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[at-l] LongPath Hike from NYC to High Point NJ then Narrowsburg NY

I am taking a short hike to begin on Fri June 8.  On thursday my Scout Unit will
host our Sponser's Annual Golf Outing, I'll spend the night in the Rectory and take
the subway to the George Washington Bridge, walk across the bridge and pick up
the LongPath in Ft. Lee NJ follow it along the Palisades to Alpine Scout Camp in 
Alpine NJ about a 12 mile hike from NY side of the GWB where  will camp for day 1.
Continue N through Tallman St Pk. in NY always walking toward Harriman St Pk
where the LP intersects with the AT near the Lemon Squeezer continue S on the AT
to High Point about 85 miles from NYC.  I plan on turning N from there and roadwalk
toward Narrowsburg NY where Greater NY Councils has it's long term summer camps.
I actually have a for pay job there this summer as Sports Director for Camp Aquehonga.
It'll be my first experience doing something for BSA for pay in my 30 year association
with that org., we leaders actually pay to volunteer at most events.
If there is any lister out there that knows any trails that goes from HP to Narrowsburg
or any part of it, please let me know.  I've contacted NY/NJ Trail Conf. and some of 
their contacts with no luck. I don't mind the road walk but being in the woods is what I
 So I have about 85 woods miles and about 50 road miles at about an 8 mile a day 
leisurely pace with a zero day or two I can stretch this out to 3 weeks if I do it right.
Have a great summer everyone.---EZ