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[at-l] packaging and accident analysis

Well, if you didn't stay the night, I doubt that it would make sense
for a shuttle. The important thing is that all's well that ends well.

And you sound like another true sectioner (as myself) always keen for
mileage with the least effort. 

BTW, on the arm front. It is appearing to heal well, with a couple of
darkened and anesthetic areas the size of a nickle in the middle of the
burns. It appears these are mild transitional 3rd degree with a bit of
softer eschar formation. The rest of it is healing up well with the
smaller blisters near the wrist closed and covered, the larger second
degree areas gradually losing a bit more tissue from the base of the
original blisters. A shower spray works well for debridement, although
swimming is preferred with less direct trauma. I have very sharply
demarcated red burns next to relatively unaffected skin, showing where
alcohol sprayed and stuck as it burned. The Silvadene has appeared to
do its job well. After about 10 hours, the gauze begins to leak a bit
of serosanguinous fluid, a good indicator that it should be quitting

If this had occured on the trail, this might be a trip ending injury.
It needs a full roll of 4" by 3.6 yd Kling that has to be discarded, at
about $3 a pop if bought individually (5 for about $12). I don't recall
seeing these in many 7-11's. I'll wind up using at least 50-100 g of
Silvadene before this is over. I could possibly leave it uncovered in
the woods if well smeared with Silvadene, as long as I had insect
protection for it. But the procedure of washing and debriding would be
very difficult with LNT practices, and would probably gross out any
shelter mates. Pain has not been the problem I anticipated other than
the first night and 24 hours. 

And this was not a failure of the alcohol stove. At least 2 things were
done wrong. First, I had the stove on a patio table and was sitting
next to it while cooking and fiddling with it. The table is a metal
grid surface, which didn't hold much split alcohol to light and preheat
the stove. I was sitting in a PVC chair, hence not mobile when things
began to go bad. Ordinarily, the stove should have been on the ground,
perhaps on a small dish for the preheating. I would have been at least
arm's reach from the stove when I started getting stupid (or started
demonstrating stupidity). I don't think I'd recommend the alcohol stove
if you prefer to cook on a picnic table or similar platform - but then
such cooking might not be such a good idea anyway.


--- Gary Ticknor <garyticknor@starpower.net> wrote:
> Get? Well, I didn't end up staying the night.
> Hope your arm is doing better - Gary from Fairfax

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