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[at-l] June

--- Bluetrail@aol.com wrote:
> Wow, lucky Mags to be in Colorado in June.
> In Florida June means the start of hurricane season;
> humidity levels and heat reach the same number in
> the 90's; (etc., etc., etc. ...)

Sounds like south Louisiana! Our hiking season
generally runs from late Sept/early Oct to early to
mid-May. As with Fla., we still have an intrepid few
who hike year-round in this state, but for me ... I
think I'll take to the hammock, lemonade, and a good
book when I'm not at work! :-) (and hopefully an
August trip to New England for some hiking up
there--we'll see!)

Enduring the current 90+ degree temps and 100%
humidity, AND looking forward to October,


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