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[at-l] June

Wow, lucky Mags to be in Colorado in June.

In Florida June means the start of hurricane season; humidity levels and heat reach the same number in the 90's; you can't open your mouth while hiking because some kind of bug will fly in every other step.  June means it's already been in the 90's for about 3 weeks and you are facing 4.5 more months of heat and humidity; even the Florida Trail Association says "the hiking season is over."  (Even so, an intrepid few of us slog our way along the trails all summer long, and some, like Navigator, put in monumental efforts.)  June means finalizing plans for two glorious weeks of vacation some place where night time temperatures and humidity make tenting a possibility.  June means 4.5 months of holding your breath until that glorious October morning you open the door to the outside and find THE TEMPERATURE HAS DROPPED AND THE AIR IS DRIER!!!!!!!