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[at-l] June

This morning  I was thinking of how much I love June. 

Growing up, June meant the end of the school year and
the start of summer. Long days of swimming in the
pool, family cook outs where I would play with my
cousins, building sandcastles at the beach.

Now that I am older (but debatable if I am any wiser.
:D), June means play time, too. The mountains are
starting to shed their winter coats, the flowers are
starting to bloom, and life is returning to the higher
elevations. June means long days of enjoying the
sunshine, renewal and promise.

As luck would have it, I was reading the e-mailed
version of the Providence Journal (have to see which
RI politicians are going to jail..:D) and saw this
The rare days of June

     June is one of four months bereft of any U.S.
national holidays; nor within its 30 days does it
contain any religious day of great note. The days of
other months are littered with commemorations of man's
accomplishments, but there are few historic events in
June, military or civil, worthy of major celebration.
In the realm of national politics, only one of
America's 43 presidents -- George H.W. Bush -- was
born in June.
     June stands resolutely by itself. It defiantly
"Take me or not, but don't seek after embellishments
or greatfestivities." It is as if some higher
authority had set June aside as an unadorned 30-day
interval so that its natural majesty might be held in
awe without the whistles, bells and fireworks
that customarily attend our national holidays;
perhaps, too, it was set aside as a sanctuary in time
when one might contentedly amble through knee-high
meadow grass without hidden purpose or agenda.

So celebrate June. Walk barefoot in the grass, take a
long walk, drink some lemonade, some Saturday do
nothing but fall asleep in the hammock.  June is the
calm month that brings in summer, and should be
enjoyed in this fashion. After all, it is the quiet,
subtle moments that seem to linger in the memory and
seem to make life so rich.

The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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