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[at-l] packaging

In a message dated 5/31/2001 8:28:33 PM Central Daylight Time, 
orangebug74@yahoo.com writes:

> LOL! Fabulous!
> Now for extra credit: Did you want/need/get a shuttle or hitch?
> Bill...
> --- Gary Ticknor <garyticknor@starpower.net> wrote:
> > I thought Jensine was charming. Monday morning, I told her she was
> > famous.
> > Didn't know a firestorm had brewed ;) Hi, Jensine, Welcome to our
> >

Orange Bug, it's obvious you didn't (or did) get the treatment at Rainbow 
Springs that you expected.

Want some trail wisdom?  It can't be bought or bribed.  If you're having a 
hard time, the best thing to do is to stop, consider your alternatives, stay 
or move along and allow nature to take it's course.  Don't fight it, it will 
always beat you.


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