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[at-l] pharmaceutical questions

That would be weight to volume. I'd pay attention to dates as you are
going out into heat which is not kind to these things. The problem is
deterioration that either gets infected or allergenic - even if it is
still effective. (Epitaph: "He died from jungle rot in the salve, but
the sting was healed!")

I wouldn't carry it anyway.

If you have severe allergies to bee stings, you want a bee sting kit
such as a epinephrine injector, or a Sawyer extractor (which works on
snake bites also). An antihistamine might help with some milder
allergic reactions, but could also dry airways and make a reactive
airway (asthma) a bit harder to deal with. Using something like Bicarb
or Adolf's Meat Tenderizer helps to digest or neutralize the bee venom
and reduce the local reaction to a bee sting. Plus they have other
uses. Some will keep a cigarette in their first aid kit as the nicotine
also helps with the local reaction as a vasoconstrictor. The idea with
the later 3 items are to make a concentrated plaster and smear on the

Try it out at home first, where you can employ a variety of options or
get to an ER if you somehow screw up.

The other 79% was "inert ingredients" such as water, artificial color,
perfumes, and such.


--- hopefl@juno.com wrote:
> I have a few questions regarding the supplies in my first aid kit.
> First,
> how rigidly should I observe those expiration dates?

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