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Re: [at-l] Re: Murder on the A.T.

> >Question for the group. :
> >
> >If you and/or you and another came upon a shelter where the other
> >occupant was only carrying a small bag.  Would you stay or move on?

When I took my very first AT trip in NC we ran into a strange guy,,,as the
sun was setting and we were sitting around the campfire he informed us that
he was just out of prison and walking his way towards Maine,,,I informed him
I was ex law enforcement,,,he exclaimed,,,those people carry guns all the
time!!! I said Yep,,,,(and Yes,,,at that time I had a gun with me and it was
legal,,,I am licensed in the state of NC to carry a concealed weapon and it
was concealed but within easy reach)....

Later that night this man proceeded to sharpen an axe as the rest of us were
trying to sleep,,,I wished I had my pepper spray with me ,,, I really didn't
want to kill the fellow,,,as it was,,,he finally arranged all his belongings
in two rows beside him (it was quite a ritual to watch) and went to sleep.

After that incident,,,I have carried pepper spray.
*My job in life is to comfort the disturbed
and to disturb the comfortable.*

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