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[at-l] two more years ago

Two years ago this morning, we were waking up in the church hostel in
Chesire. It was nice that they let us stay there, but it wasn't really a
nice place to stay. It was like sleeping in a gymnasium. Stoat spent 90%
of the night in the bathroom. Something about the seafood platter he ate
the night before didn't settle well with him. He was in great
discomfort. This reminds me of something that happened in the restaurant
the night before. I'm just gonna remember it a smile just now. I'm not
going to tell you. Two years ago today we hiked to Kay Wood Lean-to.
This included a stop in Dalton. This is where I found out that my uncle
had thrown a rock through a car window. (I assume it was with a lawn
mower, and not out of anger.) This is also where I had an outstanding
cheeseburger. This was our last day with Soyboy.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

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