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[at-l] Gary & Millie Buffington Completing the Appl. Trail

I just talked to Gary and Millie Buffington.   They are at Shaw's
Boarding House in Monson Maine tonight.   Mr. Shaw picked them up this
afternoon 14 miles north of Monson and about 101 miles from the end of
the trail on Mt. Katahdin.   

Gary is the inventor of the replacement drink Conquest.   Gary and Millie
directed the Groundhog 50 Miler in Punxsatawney  PA. for ten years.   I
took them to Springer Mt. on March 15th as they began their 7 month
adventure on the 2167 mile Appl. Trail.   I hiked with them for their
first two days.  After that I thought they would finish when on the
second day of their hike it was cold and rainy and they seemed to really
enjoy it.

Gary and Millie crewed for me in 1991 when I did the A.T.   They stayed
with me for 4 days.   As they came through this part of VA., I hiked with
them and had them stay at our house for several days.

Next Thur ( October 5th ) I am going to Maine and hike with them on
Friday to the foot of Mt. Katahdin.  On Sat. Oct. 7 I will be hiking with
them as they summit Mt. Katahdin, climbing about 4200 feet fromthe base
of Mt. Katahdin to the summit at 5267 feet.

If you would like to send an e-mail or congrats to them, you can e-mail
me at school  ( dhorton@Liberty.edu ) and I will print these out and take
them to Gary and Millie to read the day before they summit.   They don't
know that I am doing this and I think they would really appreciate
reading these on the night before they climb the big K. 

Steve Feller of New York will be going up with me.  Steve crewed me when
I did the A.T. in 1991 when I went through New York.   He also crewed
Gary and Millie in this area as well.

They have had an incredible journey.  You can read about their story on
their website http:www.1800wesweat.com

In Christ
David Horton 
The Runner 
A.T. 1991
P.S.   Do any of you know of some place to stay in Millinocket Maine?????
 Steve and I are looking for someplace to stay from about 1 to 5 A.M. on
Friday October 6. 
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