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Re: [at-l] Hopeful: Post your Sheriff Stories

Good story ...
Did the check bounce?

On 9/28/2000 at 3:49 PM Rcli3@aol.com wrote:

>I want to post my sheriff story.
>My mother was a county sheriff from about 1958-1974.  My entire childhood.  
>She was a single parent and there were 9 of us kids so we didn't have 
>vacations very often.  We were all set to leave on a Saturday morning to go 
>to my aunt and uncles house and on to Cedar Rapids, an amusement park.  
>Friday night they arrested a man they had been trying to find for a long 
>time.  My mother had to work Saturday to make sure everything was done right 
>with this "big time" crook, he was passing bad checks.  Well, finally Sunday 
>morning we left.  My mother kept saying the whole time we were gone that they 
>would mess it up without her being there.  We came back home Tuesday morning 
>after driving most of the night.  We all went home to bed and my mother went 
>to work.  That night when she got home she told us that the guy went to a 
>bond hearing Sunday morning and they set bond at $25,000.00. The guy said 
>that was fine he would pay it He wrote them a check and they took it.
>Clyde 148 
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David Addleton
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