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Re: [at-l] Hopeful: Post your Sheriff Stories

I want to post my sheriff story.

My mother was a county sheriff from about 1958-1974.  My entire childhood.  
She was a single parent and there were 9 of us kids so we didn't have 
vacations very often.  We were all set to leave on a Saturday morning to go 
to my aunt and uncles house and on to Cedar Rapids, an amusement park.  
Friday night they arrested a man they had been trying to find for a long 
time.  My mother had to work Saturday to make sure everything was done right 
with this "big time" crook, he was passing bad checks.  Well, finally Sunday 
morning we left.  My mother kept saying the whole time we were gone that they 
would mess it up without her being there.  We came back home Tuesday morning 
after driving most of the night.  We all went home to bed and my mother went 
to work.  That night when she got home she told us that the guy went to a 
bond hearing Sunday morning and they set bond at $25,000.00. The guy said 
that was fine he would pay it He wrote them a check and they took it.

Clyde 148 
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