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Re: [at-l] FW: ATML Murder on the trail

You can keep track of this guy's case from this web site:


You can find under "death penalty" a frequently up-dated list of death warrants. Crews' does not yet appear.

On 9/28/2000 at 2:08 PM Tom Fort wrote:

>W F Thorneloe wrote:
>> Does anyone know if the convicted idiot was executed? 
>The article states, on page 6,  that he was convicted and is currently
>on death row in Penn.  It also states that execution of sentence,
>lethal injection, is *still* years away, due to the appeal process.
>Question for the group. :
>If you and/or you and another came upon a shelter where the other
>occupant was only carrying a small bag.  Would you stay or move on?
>I'd like to read that new document, by the atc, mentioned in the
>also ... It's sad to hear that the ATC is now discouraging solo

David Addleton
vocate atque nonvocate deus aderit

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