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Re: [at-l] FW: ATML Murder on the trail

In a message dated 9/28/2000 3:10:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tjfort@netdoor.com writes:

<< If you and/or you and another came upon a shelter where the other
 occupant was only carrying a small bag.  Would you stay or move on? >>

I think this goes back to that "trusting your gut" thing.  In today's trend 
of the ultralite hiker, many of the hikers on this list carry what would be 
considered a day pack (or less) by many hikers. And there are plenty  of 
weirdos out there with 70 pound packs. 

I think it comes back to never being too eager to share your destination with 
a stranger, packing up and moving on if you feel uncomfortable and all those 
other things you should do whether you are alone or in a group.  I have had 
many more threats to my physical and mental well-being living in the various 
cities I have inhabited than I have ever encountered while hiking. As far as 
I am concerned, I am still safer in the woods than I am driving to the 
airport through downtown Atlanta once a week.

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