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Re: [at-l] FW: ATML Murder on the trail

After running a search I found the following story from 1992:

February 13, 1992, Thursday, City Edition 

Appalachian Trail killer to be sent to Florida 

HARRISBURG, Pa. The man convicted of killing two Appalachian Trail hikers in 1990 will be turned over to Florida authorities, who want to try him for an earlier killing, officials said Wednesday. Paul David Crews, on Pennsylvania's death row, is wanted in Bartow on first-degree murder and robbery charges in the 1986 slaying of Clemmie Jewel Arnold, prosecutors said. Pennsylvania Gov. Robert P. Casey has signed the papers to extradite Crews. Crews is accused of slashing Ms. Arnold, 56, with a fillet knife after she left a Bartow-area bar with him July 3, 1986. 

On 9/28/2000 at 1:03 PM W F Thorneloe wrote:

>Such a sad and sickening story. Does anyone know if the convicted idiot was 
>executed? No, I am not particularly in favor of capital punishment, but 
>curious how/if this tragedy has ended for the families involved.
>At 11:38 AM 9/28/2000 -0400, David wrote:
>>I went there and read it for free.
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