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[at-l] Cleanliness & the Gathering

Since someone brought up cleanliness, I better warn some of the newbies that 
there will undoubtedly be a few (very small number, I admit) folks at the 
Gathering who are afraid you might not realize that they are HIKERS.  To 
alleviate that fear, they will get to the Gathering unbathed (apparently for 
some time) and remain that way all weekend.  At least that's what I guess 
their aim is.

There are free showers at the college; I know, I used them two years ago.  
What's up with that tiny minority that loves to stink up a small, overheated 
classroom?  Don't get me wrong, I put up FT hikers at my home.  I have 
slackpacked thru-hikers.  I actually LIKE the smell of hiker fresh off the 
trail.  But I do expect that when they have time and the water is free and 
they can borrow some soap, they'll take a shower.  I likewise make the 
apparently erroneous (or however you spell it) assumption that they'll wash 
their clothes. Guess I'm weird.

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